Police Radar
Misreadings and Errors

Due to
Incorrect Use or Procedures
Includes Microwave and Laser Radar
Police Vehicle
Unfortunately many people have the misperception that police radar is infallible, it is not. This document is intended to familiarize the reader with the use and misuse of police radar by examining basic scientific and engineering principles in detail. There are numerous instances of unintentional (and a few intentional) abuses. One limitation is radar and lidar both have a minimum range, vehicles inside minimum range cannot be measured. Minimum range depends on target vehicle speed and radar / lidar location to the road, NOT antenna beam angle. Website includes over 30 calculators including a minimum range calculator.
Minimum Range

Sample Chapters
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1.1 - Police Traffic Radar
2.1 - Cosine Effect
3.10 - DOT Radar Test
6.1 - Motoring Tips
7.1 - Frequency Bands
7.2 - Electromagnetic Waves
8.1 - RF Biological Effects
8.2 - Radiation Standards
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Police Radar

A Comprehensive Guide
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Police Radar Operator Error
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Police Radar
Operator Error

Microwave and Laser
Radar Protocols and
Results of Improper Use

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Aired on Inside Edition on Friday, May 16, 2014.
Judges caught on video breaking traffic laws - and I helped (in catching them).

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